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The Giant's Lair

The Giant's Lair aims to become the South West's premier gaming venue, providing gaming tables and space for many different gaming systems. We pride ourselves on top quality tables and scenery and we hope to get up and running to provide top notch tournaments and competitions for those of you that are competitvly minded.

We will also be having many fun events such as bring an army and play weekends, ongoing campaigns and bloodbowl leagues as well as other whacky and wonderous events those boys in the events team can conjour up.

We will be offering catering and bar facilities as well as an area to relax and enjoy each others company. Painting and model making areas will be provided allowing you to buy your model, make it, paint it and play with it without leaving the building.

We encourage you to bring along any games system you enjoy, we will endeavour to find you an opponant. We will provide a special roleplaying room where you can get away from the hustle and bustle that is a popular gaming venue and to allow you to really immerse yourself in your specific realm.

So please come along check out what we have to offer and support us.

Kind regards and see you soon at the Lair.

Management team.

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